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Today's jurors are no longer content to sit in a courtroom and simply listen to lawyers and witnesses speak.  They want to be informed in other ways.  Modern jurors want to see what you are talking about and they want things spelled out for them visually.  Using technology, VLP can now take your case into the digital age and help you involve, inform and impress your audience, be they jurors, mediators, adjusters or opposing counsel.

In a courtroom setting, VLP can set up a projector and computer screens in order to display the information from documents, photos, videos and animations for all to see.  No longer do you need to blow up 100 documents onto poster-sized boards, leaving a cumbersome pile to fumble through.  VLP can now take your ENTIRE case file and place it into a presentation database so that any exhibit you desire may be placed up on the computer screen with just a few keystrokes by one of our courtroom technology experts.